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Multimach is not just a valve, it is an electro-pneumatic distribution 'island' - a single block ready for connection to power and air delivery pipes and a multi-pin cable.
All the pneumatic connections are situated on one side with built in push-in fittings. The user interface is located on the other side so that the fitter or servicer has everything within easy reach - manual controls, valve on indicator lights, compressed air system diagram and valve identification plates. There are also four different positions for the electric connector.
Multimach provides total flexibility in the application of valves: 1 to 24 valves, power plates, drain for pipes of various sizes and 9 or 25 pin power connector. But the real novelty, patent pending, is the fact that valves with different flow rates can be mounted together, and one valve can be replaced with another having a different flow rate. This revolutionary concept enables the user to optimise spaces and costs and adapt the unit to different performance requirements. The ratio between the Multimach system's flow rates and sizes is unique - the best in terms of miniaturisation and efficiency.

Valve connections 2 and 4 inlet ports with push in fitting, Ø 4, 6, 8 mm   3/8" threaded outlet port or Ø 8 fitting
Pilot port on the end plate Ø 4 push in fitting
Temperature range   °C -10°C to + 60°C
Fluid Lubricated and unlubricated filtered air, if used,must be continuous.
Wall-mounted valve securing screw Depending on the end plate used.
Flow rate at 6 bar P 1 bar   NI/min 11mm Ø 4:200 NI/min   11mm Ø 6:500 NI/min   14mm Ø 8:800 NI/min  
  Technical data - solenoid control
Voltage range 24 VDC
Power 1.2W
Insulation class F155
Degree of protection IP51
Solenoid rating 100% ED
Pressure range   bar X(pilots drive)      1-11(valves drive)
-End plate 1-11 7 bar max    vacuum-10 bar
-End plate 1 2÷7 bar
-End plate 1 reduced 2÷7 bar

  1. Solenoid exhaust
  2. Port 1 valve feed
  3. 9 or 25 pin power multiple connection
  4. Threaded port for 3/5 ports
  5. Valve feed
  6. Solenoid feed
  7. Grren LED (light on = solenoid energised)
  8. Identifiation removable labels
  9. Blanking plate
  10. Screw for valve modular assembly
  11. Port for Ø8 mm pipe
  12. Port for Ø6 mm pipe
  13. Port for Ø4 mm pipe
  14. Manual control

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