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Mach 16 Valves Available in size 1/8" only, versions 5/2 and 5/3 and with pneumatic and solenoid actuation. The MACH 16 valves is a typical small size valve, only 16mm wide, with excellent performance, 750 NI/min flow rate at 6 bar, P1 bar.
The valve can be used in line, on a panel, or on a base (multiple or manifold).
This MACH design is the result of the miniaturisation concept with the same durability, sturdiness and reliability.

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Valve port thread 1/8"
Type of pilot Pneumatic actuation M5
Max. outer diameter of fittings 15mm
Flow rate at 6 bar P 0.5 bar 540 NI/min
Flow rate at 6 bar P 1.0 bar 750 NI/min
Operating temperature -10°C to + 60°C
Minimum actuation pressure Monostable with pneumatic spring
pilot - pneumatic controls 1.6 bar for monostable valves w/ mech. spring
0.9 bar for bistable valves-1.9 bar for 5/3
Max operating pressure 10 bar
Fluid Filtered lubricated or unlubricated compressed air:
lubrication if used must be continuous
Recommended lubricant ISO and UNI FD 22
No. of ways in base 1-2-5 and Pilot Exhaust
Screws for wall-mounting single valve 2 M3 screws
Screws for base mounting valve 2 M2.5x30 screws
Installation In any position (vertical mounting is not
recommended for bistable valves subject to vibration
Response times (TRA at 6 bar) 12ms (5/2 monost.) to 18ms (5/2 bistable)
during actuation(m/sec) 23 ms (5/3 valve)
Response times (TRR at 6 bar) 26ms (5/2 monostat.)to 22ms (5/2 bistable)
Repositioning (m/sec) 21 ms (5/3 valve)
Conductance C NI/min bar 149.8(5/2 valves)to 163.4 (5/3 valves)
Critical ratio b bar/bar 0.525 (5/2 valves)to 0.491 (5/3 valves)
Mach 16 Flow chart
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  1. VALVE BODY: aluminium
  3. SPOOL: aluminium
  4. GASKETS: polyurethane
  6. PISTON ROD GASKET: polyurethane
  7. FILTER: sintered bronze
  8. PILOT: with integrated coil
Mach 16 Component Diagram

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